Highlighted Projects

The following are some of Oberkamper & Associates' most notable and some of the OA employees' favorite projects we are currently working on and have worked on in the past.  


Presidio Trust Building Renovation

Public Agencies

Oberkamper & Associates (OA) has a long history with a wide variety of municipalities in the San Francisco Bay Area.  More recently, OA has offered Civil and Surveying Consultation services to agencies such as the Presidio Trust, CalTrans and many other municipalities in Marin County.



Commercial Development

OA has extensive history of working on local commercial projects.  Here are few of our favorites.


Residential Development

Oberkamper & Associates have worked on hundreds of residential developments in Marin County.  We have many satisfied land owners who can attest to our quality civil and survey related services regarding their property.  OA has also provided civil engineering and land surveying services on the following subdivision projects:

Land Surveying / Construction Staking Alta Surveys